How to Install ISW Products Purchased from a Third Party Distributor

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Distributor Redemption Methods

The third party companies who sell our products all have various ways of handling software purchases. In this article, we'll cover the most common methods and what to do in each situation.

1. Activation Code Sent Directly

If you purchase from a third party and they give you a code that looks like one of these two codes:


Then you have received the product code and you do not need to worry about any additional steps.

Please note this method does NOT add your product to your ISW account - you need to contact support to add it to your account and become eligible for deals on our site.

To finish setup for these codes, simply follow the installation process as normal. Click here for Kontakt Player setup, and here for Kontakt Full setup.

2. Redemption Code

These codes will be a string of numbers and letters with NO dashes. 
Here is an example of what your code may look like:
Important: This code is NOT for Pulse / Native Access. It is a redemption code on the ISW website.
To redeem this code, please follow these instructions carefully:
1. Log in [link:] to your Impact Soundworks account. If you don't have one, create an account on that page.
2. Go to this code redemption page and input the code:
3. You will now have the product in your cart for $0. Complete the checkout to receive your download/activation number and follow the normal product setup instructions.
With this process, your purchase DOES add the product to your ISW account.
Please see the FAQ below for what Deals you become eligible for.

I Need Help! Who Do I Contact?

For issues with 3rd party purchases, we CAN assist with the following:
  • Setup/Installation Issues
  • Product Issues
  • ISW Account Issues
  • Coupon Redemption Issues

We CANNOT assist with the following:

  • 3rd Party Account Issues
  • Refunds for 3rd Party Purchases
  • Missing emails/invoices from 3rd Party Distributor

Other Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you earn loyalty points on 3rd party purchases?
A: No. Points are only awarded to onsite purchases.

Q: Can I resell my license if I purchased it from a 3rd party?
A: It depends. For resale, you need to contact the distributor you purchased from.

Q: Am I eligible for Deals with a Third Party purchase?
A: For purchases made offsite, you get access to the following benefits:

  • It qualifies towards "complete my bundle" discounts, such as owning Shreddage 3 Serpent and upgrading to the full Shreddage 3 Bundle

  • It qualifies for all free updates via Pulse

  • It qualifies for any PAID upgrades to newer versions, for example going from Shreddage 2 to 3, or Momentum to the Kontakt Player version

  • It does not qualify for other promotions related to ownership of that product, for example getting loyalty points for a purchase elsewhere, or crossgrades to different products in our catalog
  • Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us