Kontakt Player Libraries - Download & Installation

As a reminder, these steps are for any product marked with the symbol shown below. Make sure to check this before proceeding - if the code isn't accepted by Native Access, it's likely you purchased a product that only works with the full version of Kontakt. 

1. Install the Pulse Downloader application if you don’t already have it. Pulse is a cross-platform desktop app that lets you download and install your libraries with blazing speed! 

2. Once Pulse is installed, open it and select Add a Product.

3. It will ask for a code. Use the code provided in your order email - it will appear below the order total!

4. From there, it will give you the option to install the library. Make sure you install to a folder that you can find later, as the next step will require you to be able to find your new library!. 

5. In Native Access, use the same Product Code to register the library with Native Instruments. If you are unfamiliar with how this works, please check out this article by Native Instruments on how to proceed:


6. You should now see the library in your Kontakt libraries tab.

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