Product Setup FAQ

I didn't get a serial number, but the library is asking for one.

Are you sure this is a Kontakt Player compatible library? Non-Kontakt Player libraries do not need a serial number. Please check the product page for more details.

If you're using Peak Rider and are getting a request to authorize, enter the following info:
User ID: First 6 numbers of your Serial #
Password: Rest of the Serial #

Please Note: If you purchased a product on a third party that has now shut down (such as Time + Space), or if you purchased the product before we moved to Pulse Downloader, send us an email and we'll work to resolve this for you.

I got an error when trying to add the library: No Library Found.

First - Is this a Kontakt Player library? Make sure to check the product page first, not all of our products are Kontakt Player compatible, and therefore cannot be added using Add Library.

Otherwise, if you get this error, make sure you’re selecting the folder that contains subfolders like “Instruments” and “Samples”. NOT a higher-level folder! If it still doesn’t work, it’s possible your download was corrupted – try re-downloading the files.

For more info, please see Native Instruments' guide on how to add libraries to Kontakt.

The library won't show up in the Kontakt Player library tab.

Our latest releases require the latest version of Kontakt to work; if, once you have downloaded and installed your instrument according to the installation instructions, you open an older version than we list in the "Requirements" section on the instrument's product page and look for your instrument in the library tab, that instrument will simply not appear.

Make sure that you are running the latest version of Kontakt (Player or full version, depending on what the requirements are on the product page), and you should be able to find your instrument!

How do I use the WAV or MIDI loop files that came with the library?

Some of our products come bundled with WAV, REX, or MIDI loops. The manual for each product should explain further, but generally speaking, these files can simply be dragged into your DAW (i.e. Logic, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Cubase, etc). This can often be done from within the DAW itself, through a Browser or Media Bay window. It can typically also be done by dragging the file from Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) on to a DAW track.

The patch was generated by a newer version of the application?

This means you need to update your version of Kontakt. You can do this in the Service Center application. Native Instruments goes into more detail on this topic here:

Error - the patch is encrypted. What do I do?

This error means you did not add the library to Kontakt and activate it. Please check out our installation article here!

The patch says DEMO, and it times out after 15 minutes.

There are two possible causes for this issue. 
  • One possibility is that you’re using Kontakt Player with a library that requires the full version of Kontakt; this requirement would be clear on each product page. In this case, you need to get the full version of Kontakt to use the instrument. 
  • The other possibility is that you added a library to the Libraries tab, but didn’t activate it in Native Access. This will cause the demo message. (this can also occur if a library intended to be loaded through the Library menu is loaded in Files).

There are missing samples when I load the library.

All files on our servers have been verified to be 100% correct and complete - additionally, Pulse Downloader will report errors if there is such an issue on our end.
If there are missing samples, there are only two possibilities:

1. An error occurred during extraction of the files. Make sure you are using either WinRAR (PC) or Keka (Mac) for extraction, and that you are only extracting Part1 for each library.

2. Your downloads did not complete fully. Verify the size of your downloaded RAR files with the listed size of the files on the download page. If the sizes do not match, download the incomplete files again. In general for any multi-part product, ALL parts except the final part should be the exact same size.

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