Install Guide - Native Access Libraries

A few of our libraries are hosted directly on Native Access's server, meaning you can add them directly to Kontakt with no extra steps or need for Pulse. Those libraries are:

  • Shreddage 3 Free Stratus
  • Shreddage 3 Free Precision
  • The 88E
  • Modern Harpejji

Check out the steps below to get started!

  • Start by opening Native Access. (NOTE: if this is your first time using Native Access, you'll need to create an NI account)

    • For first time users, you will also need to go to the Preferences pane in order to set the Download and Content location for your library:


  • In the bottom left of Native Access, click Add Serial and enter your serial number:


  • Open the Kontakt tab and find your library. These libraries should show an Install button. If you see a Locate button instead, please follow these steps instead.


  • After you have installed / located your library, you can find it in KONTAKT's Libraries browser:


    In KONTAKT 7 you can also find the Libraries in the new Library Browser. You can toggle the view with the Library Browser button:


From there you're all set! You should be able to load Kontakt into your DAW and open your new library from here.

If Kontakt does not appear in your DAW, please check out this troubleshooting guide by the Native Instruments team here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these codes work inside of Pulse?

A: They do! We made all of these codes usable in Pulse in case people want all of their libraries in one place. There is, however, a major contingency to be aware of.

    • Native Access will only check the install location that it has on file. So, if you install through both Native Access and Pulse, and use different folders, Kontakt will only look in the folder Native Access set up. You'll need to go into Native Access and manually locate the folder if you download the files from Pulse.

      If this filepath does not match Pulse's, the files downloaded by Pulse are not being used.

Q: Do I need to make a new account / re-register each time I switch computers?

A: No. In fact, once you create a login, that is the login you should use for any system you install your products onto. Pulse will keep track of all your registered products for you so that you can immediately download.

    • WARNING: Product codes can only be redeemed in Pulse/Native Access once, so if you lose your login credentials, creating a new account will not fix the problem. If you cannot find your login credentials, you can contact ISW support - if you provide an order #, we should be able to find your account.

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