Shreddage 3 - General FAQ

What resources are there to learn how Shreddage works?

We have a few different ways to learn more about Shreddage 3:

  • There are plenty of resources available for Shreddage users! A great place to start is the official Impact Soundworks support forum on KVR Audio. We have stickied some useful tutorial information there, and there are various threads you can easily search through to find more information.
  • The product manual for each guitar goes over the full functionality of each library - this covers every feature built into the Shreddage series.
  • If the manual is a bit difficult to digest, we've also made a masterclass series on Shreddage 3. You can check that out here!
  • Our Youtube channel will also upload general use videos and how you can utilize our libraries in various ways. Here's one such example with Archtop and jazz chord comping.

Shreddage 3 guitar doesn't sound distorted?

We record all of our Shreddage guitar and bass instruments clean (direct-in / DI). You can use the built-in snapshots for our Shreddage 3 instruments to instantly set various amp and cab tones without using any external plugins! Click the "Console" tab to view all the possible FX. You can of course use your own plugins in your DAW as well.

How do I set up multi-tracking in Shreddage 3?

We recommend using our built-in double, triple, and quad-tracking right on the "MAIN" page of all Shreddage 3. Just enable the number of guitars you want, and you're good to go! However, if you want to use multiple tracks with separate outputs, then you'll need to use the following method.

1. Add multiple instances of the guitar in Kontakt. For example, if you want to use double-tracking, add two instances.
2. Make sure all guitars are on the same MIDI channel, receiving the exact same MIDI Data.
3. Set a different multi-track guitar for each instance (for example, the first instance should only have guitar 1 selected, the second should only have guitar 2 selected) 4. Set each guitar to a different Kontakt output, which you can then mix and apply FX to in your host/DAW.
5. If you are quad-tracking, ensure that guitars 1 and 2 have “Anti-Repetition” turned OFF.

If you hear a “phasing” effect this may simply be natural phase cancellation occurring when two recordings of similar pitch are played together. You can mitigate this by panning the signals hard LEFT and RIGHT in your host mixer, then using a different amp/FX chain on each.

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