Acceptable Usages of ISW Products

"For studios or classrooms with multiple computers, how many licenses do I need?"

Each purchase of one of our products is valid for one user at a timeFor example, let's say you work in a recording studio with one computer. Even if that computer is used by many people throughout the day, you only need one license per ISW product.

However, if you have five computers used by five people, this would require five licenses. This applies not just to recording studios, but any multi-user situations such as classrooms, labs, workshops, etc.

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Can I use your libraries to make sound effects?

Yes, but only as part of custom contract or in-house work. 
For example, if you are hired to create sound effects for a video game, or you work as an in-house sound designer, you can use our libraries as part of your sound design work. 
However, you cannot upload sounds to stock SFX libraries or marketplaces like Audiojungle or Audiosparx.

Can I use your instruments to make library music?

Yes, this is fine - The only exception here is that if you sell your library music on a marketplace, and you offer the music in stems, no stem can consist of isolated sounds from our libraries. 
They must be in the context of other instruments.