Common Questions Regarding Partnership

Do you work with any distributors?

We have a number of authorized distributors: Time & Space, Best Service, Crypton Future Media, Sonicwire, Nucleus Soundlab,, Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, Adorama, Pluginfox, Loot Audio,, BlueTech Audio, Fundamental AV, Sweet Spot Music Mark,, Okoboji Music Store, Guildwater Gear.

If you see our products being sold on eBay or by ANY other merchant, they are not legitimate and likely selling pirated copies. Do not purchase from them and instead, please contact us to report it. Thank you!

Do you create private or exclusive instruments?

Yes, we can create custom / bespoke sample libraries for your studio or production.
Send us an email and we can discuss your project in more depth.

Can I beta test your libraries or write demos?

Maybe! Please contact us and submit your credentials (portfolio, resume, previous beta testing experience).
Please note that we get a lot of applications and it may be awhile before you hear from us.

I have a great idea for a library, can we collaborate on it?

It’s possible. We’ve worked with many talented musicians and sound designers to create our instruments. However, ideas are easy to come by – execution is where the challenge lies. 
We prefer to work with musicians and sound designers who can record and create sounds to execute their idea, with our guidance and partnership. Please contact us to start a dialogue.

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